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Student Registration

The Middleborough Public Schools are happy to welcome you and your family to our district and community! Please follow the steps below to complete registration. We use an online registration system to make the process easier. Please know that if you are moving into the district this process can take 3-4 days to complete if we have all the necessary paperwork. This is normal and is expected when moving.  

Please Note: This registration is not mobile friendly. You MUST complete this on a desktop or laptop computer.  

Step 1

For immediate enrollment due to foster care or homeless status, please contact our Central Registrar at You may also contact our Foster Care & Homeless Liaison Point of Contact (Kevin Avitable -

Please click this link to setup an Aspen Account. (This account will allow you to complete the Online Registration and allow you access to your students information once the registration process has been completed). 

If you are new to Aspen but have student(s) in district you must choose option 2 after you select "Request an Account".  If you already have an Aspen account with the MIddleborough Public Schools but do not recall your login credentials please contact and she will assist you with recovering your account.

You are then going to select "I am a parent/guardian registering my child online". You will then complete that quick form. 

Step 2 

Once you complete the Account Setup you will directed to the Aspen Homepage. Once here you will click the button that says "+ Initiate" under the "Start a New Student Registration" section. This will bring you to the Online Registration Form. 

Step 3 

Please complete all the sections in this form. You will not be able to move to the next section if you do not complete all the required fields. 

Prior to submitting in Aspen please move forward with document upload portion of the registration. 

Uploading My Required Documents

Please complete the following paperwork and either upload it into Aspen when you are finalizing the online application, as once you click submit you cannot go back in and upload documents OR you can drop the documents off in our lockbox location on the left side of the registration building at 6 School St.
Please note that if all required documents are not uploaded or in the dropbox the electronic registration form will be sent back to you.  At that time you can drop the required documents in the lockbox OR you can upload them.  Either way you would need to resubmit your electronic registration for your student.  The instructions are also in the returned registration email.  When all documents are received you will receive a confirmation email stating that your students registration application has been received. 
The Lockbox is located at 6 School Street on the left hand side of the building.
  • Original or copy of Child's Birth Certificate 
    • Please see this document for directions to complete the free and reduced lunch application. 
  • Physical Exam and Immunization Record - Please bring a copy of your child's most recent physical exam and their immunization record. 
    • *Faxes work best from the Doctors office in regards to physical exam and immunization records or in dropbox.  Fax number 508-946-2029 attention Registrar 
  • Proof of Residency
  • Photocopy of Drivers' License or Government Issued Photo ID
  • Any legal documentation regarding custody, etc.

If your child is transferring to the Middleborough Public Schools, the following additional paperwork will be required:

  • Records Release Form for the following information:
    • Academic Testing Results, including MCAS or Other State Standardized Test Scores
    • Academic Transcript and/or Report Card
    • Attendance for most current school year
    • Discipline Report, if none a letter stating such
    • Guidance, Adjustment Counselor, and/or Social Worker Reports
    • Health Records
    • Individual Education Plan (IEP), Curriculum Accommodation Plans (CAP), and/or 504 Plan. (If applicable we must have this to move forward with registration)
    • Special Education Evaluations: Educational, Psychological, Related Services, etc.
    • Special Education Progress Reports

Step 5

After all the required documents have been uploaded or put in the dropbox and our District Registrar has processed your application the school will then reach out with next steps.

Please see below for the required documents and forms to proceed with registering new or returning students to Middleborough.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our Central Registrar at 

Welcome to the Middleborough Public Schools!