What I Aspire to Be--An Interview with Kayla S.

Posted by Emma T. on 10/8/2015



Q:  Kayla, why do you want to be an FBI agent?


A:  I want to be an agent so I can help people.


Q:  What was your inspiration?


A:  It was a show called Criminal Minds.


Q:  What field would you choose?


A:  The BAU, which stands for Behavioral Analysis Unit.


Q:  Do you think you will have to travel out of state, or possibly out of the country for this job?


A:  Ummm, possibly.  What I know is that you get a call from your boss and he or she tells you what kind of criminal you are pursuing.  Then you just build off your past crime fighting experiences, and of course use the knowledge from the college you attended, to figure out the best way to catch the criminal.