First Days of School

Posted by Keeley Lombardi on 9/3/2015

Class Rules 1                                      Class Rules 2


Even teachers get First Day of School Jitters!  Another school year is underway here in Room 8!  Our first day began with nervous giggles, and shy students reluctantly raising their hands to ask their most pressing questions.  By the second day, we were old friends!  

As we work to get to know one another, we are laying a solid foundation for a successful school year.  Establishing class rules is an important first step.  In Room 8 we worked collaboratively to create our Class Rules.  First, students wrote down a few rules they thought would be important for our classroom.  Next, we "turned and talked" with another student--sharing our rules, and listening and commenting on our partner's rule suggestions.  Later, this new team of two joined another team of two--forming a quad.   Each quad was tasked with prioritizing and consolidating their rules into their new team's most important rule.  Working together like this is not always easy, but it is a skill they will need for their college years and beyond.  How do you get your point across to others?  What does it mean to really listen to someone else's ideas?  Who will take the lead in the group?  How will you work together to accomplish your task?  What do you do if you don't agree?


Meeting back up on the rug, the teams shared out their rules with the whole class.  We found that many groups had used the word respect in their rules.  We talked about what respect means, and then--if we were a "fly on the wall"--how we would see respect being used in our classroom.  What would the students be doing? How would the room look?  How would the supplies be treated?  How would students speak to one another? How would they speak to the teacher, custodian, or cafeteria/recess monitors?  We came up with the following class rules.





People (students, teachers, and other school staff)

Things (our supplies, desks, backpacks, lockers, etc.)

Learning Needs (people learn in different ways, some may need quiet--respect people's learning style) 



(lots of problems between people stem from hurt...include everyone and we'll have fewer problems.  We are a family, we care about our family's feelings.) 


(from teacher to student, we will all give 100% this year!)