A Message for HBB Parents & Guardians

Posted by Sean Siciliano on 3/18/2020

Hello HBB Families,

I hope everyone is healthy and safe and I hope everyone is making the best of what is sure to be, a very challenging few weeks ahead.  Having 3 kids home myself, I fully understand how difficult this is going to be. Over the last couple days we have been working hard to adjust to this new reality and we have been working as a district team to develop some resources for you that we think you will find helpful.  Our goal is to provide you with resources that will help structure your child’s day. My personal goal for my own kids is to keep them off video games as much as possible because I know if I don’t they would do that all day. We know from working with kids that structure, routine and consistency is beneficial.  It will not only help them day to day, but it will also help with the transition back to school. (Please see attached document for a sample daily schedule)

As you set out to plan these next few weeks,  please know that everything you do does not need to be academic.  Don’t be afraid to have fun and play games. Anything you can do to encourage your child to be productive will help!  With that said, I know it’s not easy. Try not to stress about it, what you do does not need to be perfect and we just appreciate any attempts made to structure your child’s day.  Keep in mind that everything is optional, nothing is mandatory and kids will not be penalized for not doing work!

Academic Enrichment and Teacher Contact

If you haven’t already heard from your child’s teacher, you will soon.   If you don’t please let me know. Teachers will be offering a variety of resources and suggestions to keep kids active.  They will also be there as a means of support for your child and don’t hesitate to ask questions, or have your child write to his or her teacher.  Please note that all suggestions and activities suggested by teachers are optional and will not be graded.  

As a district, we have begun to create a special web page which will be available on Friday.  There will be another email sent to notify you when it’s ready. On this page you will find a variety of additional resources designed to support student learning as well as links to commonly used websites and programs.  Our goal is to keep this website updated with new ideas, activities and links so please be on the lookout for that!

Keep Kids Active and Setting a Schedule

Maintaining consistency and some sort of schedule is essential for students over the next three weeks and we are asking parents to do their best to keep children active and intellectually engaged.  Our hope is that video games etc. will be limited during traditional school hours and that you encourage your child to engage in some of the activities and opportunities we will be providing in the coming days.  Please know, however, that it’s also ok to just have some fun or encourage your child to be productive. Cleaning their room, doing some chores or organizing a closet are also great activities! 

Talking to your kids

Talking to you kids during these challenging times is important but it can be tough to figure out what to say.  Please check out these websites for some tips and suggestions.

CDC Talking to Kids

Child Mind Institute Talking to Kids

 Report Cards

At the elementary level, report cards will be sent home electronically through our school portal, Aspen. Parents/guardians will receive an email outlining how to access your child’s report card in the next few weeks. Report cards will be distributed to families through Aspen by the close of Tuesday, March 31st.

Student Passwords

By the end of the day on Thursday you will be receiving an email from Sean Sciliano with information on how to access student passwords. Your child’s login information is for district purchased programs like ST Math and Discovery Ed. If you have any questions regarding student login information please contact your child’s teacher via email.

Need Support?

Please do not hesitate to contact me or your child’s classroom teacher if you need any kind of support as we can assist you with finding resources. In addition, Megan Quirke, our Family Resource Coordinator, is accessible via email or phone call at mquirke@middleboro.k12.ma.us or 508-946-4319. She has resources available to all of Middleborough Families on her web page under the Community tab at the top of the district home page and locate Middleborough Family Resource Center. The link is as follows http://middleborofamilyresourcecenter.blogspot.com/

Please also note that breakfast and lunch will be served Monday-Friday from 9:00-10:00AM at the Henry B. Burkland School. This is a Grab & Go, event so families just need to pull up to the HBB main entrance to receive the meals provided by the district. This is offered to all families in the district. 

Lastly, please contact Meg Quirk if at any time your family is experiencing any type of food insecurity….we can help! 

School Closed

Please note that all school buildings are closed to visitors.  The best way to contact us is through email.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this lengthy email.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly should you have any questions.  Stay safe, stay healthy and I hope to see you all soon!


-Derek Thompson 

Sample Daily Schedule Attached!