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Entering MHS Community Service Hours into Aspen

As you all know it is a graduation requirement at Middleborough High School to complete 24 hours of community Service.  Mrs. McGurk is coordinating the community service program and we have worked together to make your submission and tracking of hours easier for all.  You will log your hours directly into Aspen. 
Please log onto your Aspen account and click on the arrow next to your name.  Then click on set preferences.  Once there choose the home tab and make sure the check box for tasks is checked off. If it is unchecked go ahead and check it and click ok.  Stayed logged in and click on the pages top tab all the way to left you will see a task bar in the middle of the page.  From here you will click on initiate.  In the pop up box you will choose the community service submission workflow and the date you are entering the data. Please fill in the fields with the appropriate information as required.  Please be specific in the comments box as to when, where and what you did for community service time. Once you are done on step 3 click finish.  
Please initiate this workflow after each completion of your community service hours.  For example if you volunteer at the Soccer field in the concession stand on a Saturday from 9-12 then open and complete a workflow.  If you work at a nursing home for one hour after school every Monday for 24 weeks please wait until you have completed the 24 weeks.  
You will be able to track your own hours by choosing closed tasks under your task widget.  Mrs. McGurk will also receive a notification of the same task and once she reviews it will post to your task widget.  You will be able to tell she has viewed your submission as it will say outcome complete.
If you have any questions regarding community service hours and what is available please direct them to Mrs. McGurk at   If you have any questions with the work flow and Aspen please direct those to myself, Katie Goodine at