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Request to Change Learning Model

We are fast approaching the end of the first trimester for students in grades PreK-8. As such and as promised, the district will now be asking families for any change in student placements.

Although we realize that, under the current circumstances, the vast majority of families are pleased with the placement decisions you have made for your children, we realize that some of you may want to make a switch from hybrid to remote(Online Learning Academy) or from remote into a hybrid placement.

Please be aware of the following conditions and possible implications of changing your learning model:

  • Changes of learning model may result in change of teacher/team assignment and students moving from remote to hybrid will not have a choice of Cohort
  • Substantial changes to learning models may potentially result in consolidating classrooms which may cause a change in teacher/team assignment for those remaining in their chosen learning model
  • School assignments (HBB/MKG) may change for the remainder of the school year for students in grades 1-5.

Also, any changes made in student placement will be considered a commitment for the remainder of the school year unless other major changes are made necessary by the pandemic. 

For our MHS students (grades 9-12) notices will be sent out in early January for any potential changes in student placements for the 2nd half of the year.

We ask that each family complete ONE form PER student in PreK through 8th grade if you are committing to a change in your child's learning model.


For planning purposes, if you wish to request a placement change, your response will need to be returned no later than 9:00am on Monday, November 16th, 2020.

On behalf of our administrative team and our entire school community, thank you for your time and ongoing support of the Middleborough Public Schools. It is our sincere hope that all students will be fully returned to our schools as soon as possible!


Please complete the form that corresponds to your child's cohort:

My Child is Currently in Cohort 2 (In-School Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday)

My Child is Currently in Cohort 3 (In-School Every Other Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

My Child is Currently in Cohort 4 (Online Learning Academy)