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Gas & Electric Meter Replacement Interruption

I wanted to inform you that the Middleborough Gas and Electric Department has reached out to let us know of a potential internet issue here in town.

By way of explanation, they are currently "changing out" electric meters at every residence in Middleborough. These "smart meter" replacement installations will interrupt your internet service momentarily and may require you to "reboot" the service in your home. 
Please see the attached message from the G&E which contains a more detailed explanation.
Thank you.
Brian E. Lynch
Superintendent of Schools

A Message From Middleborough Gas & Electric Department

MGED is in the process of upgrading all 16,000 electric meters to Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology. This is a critical project that has been scheduled for more than a year and not a moment too soon. Our previous system for drive-by collection of meter information is no longer a supported technology. These new meters and the smart meter data collection will offer a gateway for other necessary tools that are key to planning and supplying reliable power in the future. Even today, when installed, the meters will help us spot trouble and isolate damage faster than ever to maintain reliable electric service.

To accomplish this feat, we’ve contracted with Tru-Check, a company with an army of rapid installation technicians who work neighborhood by neighborhood on our behalf, taking 15 minutes to set up, remove and install the new meter – with an outage of usually only 5 minutes. The important issue here is that we need them to keep the process moving efficiently and rapidly in order complete this project on schedule. Any return or reschedule has the impact of doubling installation times, not including travel time to return later.

We know that teachers and students in our communities are relying on power at home now more than ever. Any outage, however brief, is disruptive and certainly unwelcome. However, these installers will not be able to come back later after hundreds or thousands of rescheduling requests and still be able to get the job done before winter storms. We ask that you be prepared for the knock on the door and let the technicians do their work. This does not require access within the home. For teachers, you may need to ask your virtual classroom to take a 5-minute break. Students may already be familiar with returning to the classroom after an electric service or connectivity disruption at home. But they should also be prepared for this outage as well. This work may already be complete for some who found a notice on the front door or spoke directly with an installer before now.

When this project is complete, we’ll all be more connected to technology that will serve us well in the future. Thank you for understanding and helping us and your students make the future even brighter.

Full Release from MGED