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Message from Supt. Lynch About Devices

As you may know, months ago, our school system ordered over 2000 devices for our students in anticipation of the situation we are currently facing. Unfortunately, these units have not been delivered and we are now forced to distribute a much more limited collection of computers currently in our inventory.

Given this, our school district will now distribute this current inventory in three phases. The first of these phases will include dispensing devices to those families and students who have a demonstrated financial need based on our current records. The second phase will include trying to make sure any student who is currently registered in Cohort 4 as of today who needs a device full time will  get one. The third phase will involve a lottery for all remaining devices for those students who have indicated a need. Unfortunately, based on our inventory, we will not be able to guarantee a device for every student.

To that end, we would encourage any student at the Nichols Middle or Middleborough High School who have been issued school owned devices and who also happen to have their own laptop at home, to register that device under our B.Y.O.D. or Bring Your Own Device  program. This would free-up additional devices for our younger students. We would also ask that families get as creative as possible with any devices at your disposal. Elementary students will only need devices during their work at home.

Please know that any student without a computer at home will still be included in the at-home learning through learning packets distributed through the schools.

In addition, we are still waiting for over one hundred “hot spots” which were ordered to assist families who have indicated they do not have WiFi at their homes. As soon as these arrive, they will be inventoried and distributed by our Tech Department.

We have scheduled a device pick-up on Monday for those families who receive emails from me today informing them that we have a device for them. At this time, only those families who receive this email will be provided with a district device.

In closing and on behalf of the entire school district, I would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these unprecedented times.

Thank you,

Brian E. Lynch
Superintendent, Middleborough Public Schools