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Important Message Regarding Administration Changes in the MPS District

Hello to our Middleborough Public School Families,

First of all, I’d like to send along my sincere best wishes to you and your families and hope that you are all doing well and staying healthy during these trying times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. I’d also like to share with you the sincere thanks from a grateful school district for all that you’ve done as families to help advance the learning for all of our Middleborough students.

Secondly, I’d like to inform you of a significant realignment of our district administrative team for the upcoming school year.

I’ll begin with our Special Education administrative team which will continue to be led by our P.P.S. Director, Mrs. Carolyn Lyons. Please know that due to budget cuts, our district will be eliminating one of our building level Special Education Coordinators. As a result, each one of our current administrators will be assigned to multiple grades and schools. Mrs. Melissa Deutschman will continue in her role at the Memorial Early Childhood Center where she will work with our Preschool age population and their families both within and outside of the school. Mrs. Kim Redlon will be responsible for students in Kindergarten through the third grade throughout the district while Dr. Laura Mansfield will be assigned to our fourth through seventh graders. Finally, Mrs. Jen Healey will be working with our student populations in grades eight through our post-graduates.

With regard to our team of principals and assistant principals, I have some important news to share regarding changes which I will be making for this coming year which I feel are in the best interests of the Middleborough Public Schools. Let’s begin with an important change at the John T. Nichols Jr. Middle School, where I have made the determination to name Mrs. Heidi J. Letendre as the school’s new Principal. As a result, as of July 1, 2020, Mr. Greg Thomas will transition from his current role as Principal at Nichols to become the Assistant Principal at the Henry B. Burkland School. Finally, Mr. Jeremy Gobiel will become the new Principal at the Memorial Early Childhood Center.

Please note that all of these administrative changes have been made in the best interests of the administration, faculty, staff and students of the Middleborough Public Schools. I realize that change can be difficult at times but you should know that these decisions were not made lightly and were finalized only after thoughtful consideration of all of the personal and professional circumstances involved with each administrative shift. In the end, my true hope is that our Middleborough Public School community will benefit from these changes and we’ll be a better district moving forward.

In closing, I would ask that if you have any clarifying questions or comments regarding these administrative changes, please email me at

Thank you,

Brian Lynch
Middleborough Public Schools