• Homepage: https://bristolaggie.org/ 

    Admissions FAQ Webpage: https://bristolaggie.org/application-process/ 

    Application Portal: https://bristolaggie.go2cte.com/

    Admissions FAQ Flyer



    Apply online (deadline in Feb). You must first inquire with Colleen Cronin: ccronin@bcahs.org or 508-669-6744 ext 111.

    Sign up for a Prospective Tour.


    The Counseling Department sends Grade 7 records for review.


    The Counseling Department sends Grade 8 records and student recommendations for review at the close of the 1st trimester.

    BCAHS comes to Nichols and interviews students for admission. Students may also schedule their own interview by contacting Colleen Cronin directly.


    Decision letters, including waitlist notifications, go out to applicants.