Welcome to Health Department

  • Mission Statement


     “You cannot educate an unhealthy child, and you cannot keep an uneducated child healthy.”
    –Dr. Jocelyn Elder

    In accordance with the mission statement of the Middleborough Public Schools, “to prepare all students to excel in life”, our school nurses provide a health and safety program that includes and enables all students to reach their full educational and physical potential.

    In order to promote and achieve the mission of life-long wellness and safety for the entire school community our program includes the following:

    • Assistance to families, students and staff in accessing health care services through the referral process to community health care providers.

    • Assessment of individual health care needs and implementation of appropriate interventions in collaboration with the educational team and community resources.

    • Care for the whole child through the assessment of both mental health and physical needs, and development of a care plan to meet identified needs.

    • Education of families, students and staff in self-management of health issues.

    • Education in self-advocacy.

    • Promotion of health and wellness as a life-long learning process.

    • Offering resources for health education to students, families and staff.

    • In conjunction with the administration our nurses monitor and help to implement safety measures throughout the system.