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Welcome to the Office of Pupil Personnel Services!

The Middleborough Public Schools is committed to the provision of quality education for all students.  We offer an array of support services and programs in all of our schools to help students achieve their educational goals. Committed and professional staff, knowledgeable and approachable administration, and introspective analysis of special education help make your child's experience positive and productive.

The Office of Pupil Personnel Services offers a broad range general education support services, interventions and programs with access to school adjustment counselors, guidance counselors, behavior specialists, school psychologists, and school nurses.  Keeping our children at the center of the special education process ensures a meaningful educational experience for all.


The Middleborough Department of Special Education strives to meet the unique  needs of children with disabilities by providing individualized services and resources to students and families. This office ensures equal access to the curriculum so that all students are able to achieve their highest learning potential. Our continuum of services, connection to state agencies, and specially designed instruction create a rich learning environment where all students are able to grow. It is our vision that Middleborough Public Schools will prepare students to achieve their postsecondary goals and contribute to their community in a meaningful way.

Jennifer Healy, Ed.S.

Director of Special Education

Middleborough Public Schools
p: (508)946-2020 x3725
a: 112 Tiger Drive, Middleborough, MA 02346