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Mandatory Training for Staff

Each school district in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is required by regulation to provide annual mandated training on topics outlined by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


Faculty and staff members must review the documentation (PowerPoint, Policies, etc.) contained under each topic. Click on each topic title to access the needed information.  After completing the review of each required item, faculty and staff members should complete Staff Confidentiality Agreement and the Electronic Verification Form below (online), printing out to sign and date.  Please return these forms to your principal/supervisor by October 15, 2021.

Any additional training/s will be planned based on individual responses.

Heath and Wellness Policies and Procedures

Please fill out the required forms below and return to your principal/supervisor.
A. Staff Confidentiality Agreement
B.Electronic Verification Form - (Note: This form can be done online, printed out and signed to return to your principal/supervisor) 

Please type information in requested fields, select Yes or No boxes...when complete, please print, sign and return to your principal/supervisor.