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Instructional/Behavioral Support Teams

The Instructional/Behavioral Support Team (IBST) goal is to maximize individual student success in the general education classroom while at the same time serving as a screening process for student who may be struggling and require some additional assistance.  IBST is a success-oriented program which uses specific assessment and intervention techniques to help remove academic or behavioral obstacles for students in the general education setting.  

IBST shifts the critical question from being "what is wrong with the student?" to "What resources can we use to increase the student's chances for success?"  IBST answers this question through a school/home team approach that provides for greater communication, cohesiveness, and instructional coordination and compliments existing curriculum and instructional programs.  

Any student who is experiencing consistent academic, social-emotional, or behavioral difficulties may be a candidate for IBST.  This includes students who may be beginning to experience difficulty in general education; as well as students with disabilities who are included in the general education classroom.  Student are identified and referred  to IBST by teachers, other educators, administrators or parents.

If you feel your child is having difficulty in school, please contact your child's teacher, counselor or principal. Schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns and determine if your child is a good candidate for IBST