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Mrs. Andrea Borges

Welcome to ELA 1! I love being a teacher; it is the best job in the world.  I get to work with great kids and families and everyday is a new adventure! I think the best part of my job is watching students grow and become more confident and competent readers and writers, but also, 21st century learners.

 In our classroom, we will understand ourselves as readers, writers, and consumers of knowledge. We will be negotiating our own learning, making  appropriate choices, setting reading and writing goals, problem solving, cooperating, and collaborating.

To be successful in our classroom, you need 4 things:

1. A Positive Attitude

2. A Smile

3. Flexiblity: Know that things do not always go as planned!

4. Creativity: Be ready to problem solve-I won't have all of the answers, or may be I will, I just won't tell you! You will need to figure stuff out.  

Oh! There is one more thing you need...Be a risk taker!

I follow all of my own rules and I do all of the work that I assign to you.  I will also ask you to critique my teaching. If I mess up or confuse you, you need to tell me so I can fix my mistakes.I don't mind if you make msitakes, but I don't want you to make my mistakes. In our classroom, we are all teachers and students--I am just an older student.

So, what can you expect?  

Well, expect to be challenged, expect to understand yourself as a learner, expect to set realistic goals and work hard to meet them, expect to make mistakes (I make a bunch myself), and finally expect to read and write conscientiously and actively. Remember it is English, there is no away around reading and writing, speaking and listening. I promise to work hard to make the learning fun and engaging.