Middleborough Public Schools

Every child. Every classroom. Every day.

The mission of the Middleborough Public Schools is to prepare all students to excel as educated, responsible, global citizens.
           Vision Statement
  • The vision of the Middleborough Public Schools is to be recognized to its commitment to educational excellence while providing a safe and secure environment that supports teaching and learning.
  • Middleborough students will be productive and responsible citizens who contribute to the betterment of the global community.
  • Middleborough Public Schools’ educational programming will align and integrate technology with core academic standards.
  • Middleborough Public Schools will provide an education which encourages creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.
  • The exemplary education of our children will be a shared responsibility of Middleborough families, educators and the community.


  • We believe the education of our children is the most important responsibility of our community.
  • We believe in the importance of providing the infrastructure, resources, and instructional supports for 21st century learning.
  • We believe a 21st century curriculum engages students in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, innovation, problem solving and communication.
  • We believe that a partnership between the families, the schools, and the community is essential in order to provide every child with the educational opportunities that maximize their potential.
  • We believe that the effective utilization of data results in informed decision-making and accountability.
  • We believe focused teaching, clear expectations and continuous feedback promote accelerated learning.
  • We believe that student effort and commitment produce high achievement when accompanied by opportunity and support.
  • We believe mutual respect and civility are essential to a quality educational environment.
  • We are a learning organization committed to continuous improvement.