Recommended Daily Reading Minutes

  • Students entering grade 1 = minimum 10 minutes

    Students entering grade 2 = minimum 20 minutes

    Students entering grade 3 = minimum 20 minutes

    Students entering grade 4 = minimum 25 minutes

    Students entering grade 5 = minimum 30 minutes 

To All MKG Students

  • Dear MKG Students,

    Please know that when you return to MKG in September, there will be a specially designed recognition program at MKG to honor the summer reading that you did. We believe in you and want all to celebrate in your summer reading accomplishments. Your teachers will tell you more about this when you return to school.

    We have sent home a “just right” book in your MKG summer reading bag to kick off your summer reading.

Just A Reminder

  • There are many factors that impact the outcome and purpose of reading, as well as, the relationship between the reader and a text. Content, age-appropriateness, interest in topic, suitability of text, and text difficulty and complexity are just some of the factors to consider when choosing a book to read. Parents/guardians, please help your child choose appropriate reading materials throughout the summer in order to prevent the “summer slump.”

Finding “Just Right” Books

  • Listed below are reminders on how to pick a “just right” book. 

    • Choose topics of interest
    • Pick content that is at an appropriate reading level
    • Apply the “Five Finger Rule”
      • Have your child read a page of a book, and count the number of words they can’t figure out on their own. If they count more than five words, the text is probably too difficult. If it’s less than that, and they can explain what they’ve read, it is probably just right.


  • The Middleborough Public Schools are dedicated to ensuring that literacy is a lifelong skill that promotes continual growth and enjoyment.  Participation in the MKG summer reading program is mandatory for all students. Our school’s goal is to promote a passion for reading in all of our children.

    Many books are available at the Middleborough Public Library, and remember our town librarians are there to help you search for a “just right” book. 

    The Mary K. Goode Parent Teacher Association and the Harvest Dance Committee have generously sponsored the Summer Reading Book Bag program. We appreciate and are thankful for their support in helping to promote literacy for our students.   

                                          ~The Summer Reading Committee

To All MKG Families

  • Dear MKG Families,

    • Make sure your child is reading at least the recommended number of minutes daily for their entering grade level.
    • Make sure that the summer reading calendar log is being filled out by you and your child.
    • Make sure that you are signing the summer reading calendar log weekly.
    • Make sure to return the summer reading calendar logs to your new classroom teacher.

                        Thank you for supporting your child’s reading,

                                  The MKG Summer Reading Committee

  • Reading Worm  “The more that you read,

    The more things you will know.

    The more that you know,

    The more places you’ll go.”

    ~Dr. Seuss