Guidance Department Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Nichols Middle School Guidance Department is to assist all students in the development of their academic, career, personal, and social growth in order to become productive members of society.

    The collaboration between school professionals, families, and the community is essential to the fulfillment of our mission.

    The Guidance Department implements the following procedures in order to provide students with academic, social, personal, and career counseling:

    1. Child Study Team meets weekly in order to identify students who are at risk in any of the areas above.

    2. Response To Intervention protocol is followed for any student who has been identified to be at risk in any of the areas above.

    3. Professional Learning Community multi-disciplinary meetings are held regularly in order to identify and develop an action plan for students who are deemed to require one.

    4. Students’ grades are closely monitored through the portal that is open to staff, students, and parents.

    5. A Working Lunch program is made available to students who are identified by the Guidance Counselors to be at risk of failing one or more subject areas.

    6. Counseling is available for any student who requests to be seen, whose parent requests that the student be seen, or via teacher or administrative referral.

    7. A Career Interest Inventory can be administered to students in order to motivate them towards reaching individual academic goals.

    8. The Guidance Department counsels students and actively intervenes with regard to concerns about bullying and peer conflict and facilitates their ability to develop self-advocacy skills.