• History & Social Studies Department

    Department Head: Matthew Osgood
    Phone: 508-946-2010 x3135
    Email: mosgood@middleboro.k12.ma.us
    The History and Social Studies Department curriculum, grades nine through twelve, provides a common program for all students complete with a variety of required and elective courses, of which satisfy district guidelines regarding concepts and skills that all students will achieve being enrolled in a social studies course at Middleborough High School. The common core courses, World History II, United States History I and II, are offered in a in a three-year sequence and are designed to develop in every student critical thinking skills, and to foster a spirit of acceptance, inquiry and critical reflection. The successful completion of three years of History at the high school consisting of World History II and United States History I and II is required for graduation. Beginning in the 9th grade and continuing into grade 12, students are offered a wide variety of electives and Advanced Placement United States History.