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Athletic Department
Department Head: Ryan Sylvia
Phone: 508-946-2010 x3116
Email: rsylvia@middleboro.k12.ma.us
Current research in teaching and learning suggests that participants in co-curricular activities have more consistent attendance, better academic achievement, and higher aspirations than non-participants. Co-curricular activities are integral to providing opportunities for all students to support and extend academic learning. Co-curricular pursuits both expand and enhance the goal of teaching students to be responsible and fulfilled human beings providing them with opportunities that develop character, critical thinking, sociability and life skills. All co-curricular activities carried out under the auspices of Middleborough High School should be viewed in terms of their potential contribution to the school's overall expectations for student learning. We seek to engage as many students as possible in co-curricular activities, following a philosophy that students will miss a valuable part of their education if they do not participate. Thus, a sufficient variety of activities are offered to appeal to a wide variety of student interests. Co-curricular programs should generally yield to academic courses when conflicts of time arise.
Student Activities are an important part of student life. The opportunity to demonstrate skills learned in the classroom, to promote leadership skills and learn to work together in a cooperative spirit, all are part of the activities experience. At Middleborough High School students are encouraged to belong to an activity that interests them or propose new activities that will offer our students new opportunities for personal and social growth.
Home of the 2015 MIAA Division II Baseball State Champions!

 D2State Champions
Home of the 2013 MIAA Division III Baseball State Champions!
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2013 State Champions