• **New Student Registration Announcement**

    At this time all Kindergarten registration appointments are on hold.  At this time all screenings will also be rescheduled. If you have the ability to scan the complete set of documents required please email them to Katie Goodine at registrar@middleboro.k12.ma.us.  Again in order for the scanned documents to be accepted all required documents must be present. A complete list of those documents is below.  Original Birth certificates will be verified at a later date but a scanned copy will be acceptable at this time.  We will be hosting a virtual parent orientation meeting, date of release will be early in early May.

  • New Student Registration

    The Middleborough Public Schools are happy to welcome you and your family to our district and community! Please see below for the required documents and procedure for registering new or returning students to Middleborough. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our central registrar at registrar@middleboro.k12.ma.us. 

    Step 1

    Please complete the online pre-registration form. This form will take 15 or more minutes to complete and must be completed in one sitting. 

    Completing this form does not mean that your child is presently registered, assigned, or enrolled into the Middleborough Public Schools. You must visit our Central Registration Center at 41 Mayflower Avenue to complete the registration process. You will be contacted by the Middleborough Public Schools to schedule an appointment to complete the registration process. We will need at least two business days to process your pre-registration form.

    Please complete the additional registration paperwork outlined in Step 2 prior to your scheduled appointment.  

    Step 2 

    Please complete the following paperwork and bring it with you for your scheduled appointment with our central registrar. 

    If your child is transferring to the Middleborough Public Schools, the following additional paperwork will be required:

    • Records Release Form for the following information:
      • Academic Testing Results, including MCAS or Other State Standardized Test Scores
      • Academic Transcript and/or Report Card
      • Attendance for most current school year
      • Discipline Report, if none a letter stating such
      • Guidance, Adjustment Counselor, and/or Social Worker Reports
      • Health Records
      • Individual Education Plan (IEP), Curriculum Accommodation Plans (CAP), and/or 504 Plan
      • Special Education Evaluations: Educational, Psychological, Related Services, etc.
      • Special Education Progress Reports

    Step 3

    Attend your scheduled meeting with our central registrar. The Central Registration Center is located at 41 Mayflower Avenue. Please enter through the main office for the Henry B. Burkland School. 

    Be sure to bring the required paperwork and documentation as noted in step 2. See our Checklist to verify that you have the needed documents.

    Please bring a valid government issued photo identification for the legal parent/guardian of the child being registered.

    Once all of the required paperwork has been completed, a meeting will be scheduled with your child's school where then the assignment to a classroom and/or a schedule will be created. 

    Step 4 

    Visit your child's school to receive your child's classroom assignment and/or schedule. Please feel free to request a tour of your child's school during your visit. 

    Welcome to the Middleborough Public Schools!