Road to Excellence

  • On behalf of the Faculty and Staff of Middleborough High School, it is with great pride to share with you the story that has been a commitment to improve our high school academically since becoming Principal in 2012.  Our Road to Excellence has been a collaborative effort of every teacher within the walls of Middleborough High School.  Through the collective effort of redesigning curriculum in all content areas; to the creation of common assessments for all that truly measure a students depth of understanding; to ensuring that each lesson plan is rich with higher order thinking skills; and a commitment to literacy across the school, we have grown so much over the last five years.
    The Road to Excellence is not complete.  Our teachers have made it a mission to bring our school to the highest level that we can achieve...and we will not stop until we get there.  As the principal I expect excellence each and every day, and when you walk through our school excellence is what you see. Our students define it. This presentation will give you a sense of the tremendous growth our school has seen and we will continue to grow. I have never been prouder of our school and I know we will take this schools to new heights because that is what Sachems do!
    Our journey on the Road of Excellence continues....
    With Sachem Pride,
    Paul F. Branagan, Jr.
  • Please feel free to download a PDF of the photos above via this link