Middleborough Public Schools  

School Bus Rules


  1. A copy of these rules is to be posted in each bus.
  2. Students are expected to conduct themselves while waiting for and riding on the bus, in exactly the same way they are expected to act in school. The bus driver has the authority to judge conduct to maintain discipline, and to report pupils to the principal when necessary.
  3. No profanity will be tolerated.
  4. No smoking will be permitted.
  5. Changing seats may be allowed with the driverís permission and at his/her discretion, but only when the bus is stopped.
  6. Students may talk to adjoining neighbors in a reasonable tone of voice but no shouting will be permitted.
  7. The assignment of seats is left to the discretion of the bus driver and / or school authorities.
  8. Eating or chewing gum will not be permitted on the bus.
  9. The opening of windows is left to the discretion of the bus driver.
  10. The emergency equipment, including the emergency door, and/or bus equipment is for emergency use only and MUST NOT be tampered with.
  11. The bus driver is not required to wait beyond his/her scheduled time for picking up students. It is the parentsí responsibility to have pupils at the roadside when the bus arrives. The bus driver will inform the students and parents as to the time he/she will pick up the riders.
  12. Bus stops will be established by the bus contractor; the superintendent or his designee will have the final determination in disputed cases.
  13. When entering a bus, the student is to go immediately to a seat. The driver will wait a reasonable time before starting the bus again.
  14. On a first offense, the bus driver will notify the building principal who will determine whether the parent should be notified.
    1. On the second offense, the offender will be suspended from the bus for three school days.
    2. On the third offense, the offender will be suspended for a minimum of five school days or a maximum of a school year, up to the discretion of the principal or his designee, based on the severity of the offense.
    3. Repeated offenses may result in suspension of bus privileges for the remainder of the school year.
    4. In cases of serious offenses affecting the safety of the school bus and/or its occupants, the offender may lose his/her bus privilege immediately.
  15. Any student proven to have done damage to the bus will be held responsible.
  16. No student will be permitted to change his regularly scheduled transportation except in cases of emergency. In such an event a pupil wishing to change his regular bus for a specific day must present to the principal a written request from the parent giving the reason for the request.
  17. Buses are for the transportation of pupils to and from school only. No pupil can be permitted to leave the bus at any point enroute to school in the morning or enroute home at the close of the school day. The entire trip to and from school must be completed.
  18. The superintendent of schools reserves the right to rescind any of these rules.


Procedure for the Use of School Bus Video Cameras

  1. Each bus used for regular education transportation will be equipped with a video housing box ready to accept a video camera.
  2. Each housing box will be labeled with a sign informing riders that they are subject to being videotaped on the school bus at any time.
  3. All students shall be notified that they are subject to being videotaped on the school bus at any time. Parents of students will be notified through a school district notice and media.
  4. Two video cameras will be available for recording on the eighteen buses. Taping will be audio and video.
  5. Cameras will be scheduled on the school bus on a rotation basis so as not to select only certain buses. This rotation shall be determined by the School Department.
  6. Based on the number of incidences of misconduct or the seriousness of these reports, video monitoring of a bus route may be done more extensively. The Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee may decide if more extensive monitoring is needed. Additional monitoring is meant to add to the written disciplinary reports by the bus driver, not take the place of reports.
  7. After videotaping in a bus, the tapes will be stored at the office of the school bus transportation manager for ten (10) days. If no incidences are reported, the tapes will be recycled. Viewing of tapes may be randomly reviewed by the school department transportation supervisor to ensure proper school bus conduct. If incidences are reported, or if incidences are viewed during random selections, the videotapes are to be kept until a final resolution, action and time for appeals.
  8. Requests for viewing a videotape must be made in writing to the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.

Approved at the May 25, 1994 School Committee Meeting