• Homepage: https://www.bptech.org/bptech 

    Admissions FAQ Webpage: https://www.bptech.org/domain/12

    Application Portal (opens 11/1): https://bptech.go2cte.com/ 

    Sample Interview Questions


    Bristol Plymouth Admissions Contact:

    Melanie Shaw, mshaw@bptech.org

    508-823-5151 x115



    BP hosts an Open House. Attendees may apply early or wait until the online portal opens.


    Online application portal opens on 11/1.

    BP comes to Nichols and gives a presentation during Extension Block about their programs.

    The Counseling Department sends Grade 7 records for review.


    The Counseling Department sends Grade 8 records and student recommendations for review at the close of the 1st trimester.

    Students interested in attending BP will be invited to go on a field trip to tour the facilities. 


    BP comes to Nichols and interviews students for admission.

    Decision letters, including waitlist notifications, go out to applicants at the end of February.