• September


    In September we will be building a foundation. (Scroll down to view the kindergarten learning standards and descriptions for the entire year. ) On this page you will find activities your child can do at home and links to resources. These ideas are to encourage students to become more physically active and participate daily in exercise in order to practice a healthy lifestyle.

    Keep coming back, as I will continue to add new resources and activities each week and for every month. (The months will be listed on my websites' sidebar).

    Have fun!


    Note to Parents: I am including the lessons I will be teaching on Google Meet below. They can be used as a reference for the days your child can not log on to be with me (due to an absence because of an illness or a dentist appointment, etc). This can help your child catch up on any content topic that was missed due to a remote learning day's absence.

    I will be taking attendance at each Google Meet session. Your child's attendance is important and will affect his/her P.E. grade. Because our students are very young, the computer instruction time with me should be 20 minutes -30 min. maximum but I will then ask them to practice a skill at home once they sign off of Google Meet with me. For example, after introducing locomotor skills for 20-30 min., I will have them log off and practice skipping, galloping, etc at home, for an additional 15-20 minutes (or during a free time that you decide). We have to think outside the box this year when teaching Physical Education remotely! 


    Week of September 28th (B Week: Quattrucci, Condry, O"Halloran, Paling, Secher, Fauvell, Green) and October 5th (A Week: Comeau/Lord, Quattrucci, Condry, Stoker, Clements): 



    These resources provide opportunities for children to practice at home.

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