Field Day Fun 2019

Around The World Field Day 2019

  • FIELD DAY 2019
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    This year, we had 11 stations for our annual field day. We had an "Around the World" theme. Children visited countries : India (yoga); France (fashion show); Italy (meatball toss); Mexico (rainforest obstacle course); USA(Hawaii- limbo); Ireland (potato sack race); Australia (Kanga- bouncy ball relay); Egypt (camel races); China(traditional Chinese game, like America's game of Jacks, played with rice bags); Africa (safari tent- parachute). They visited the region of Antarctica to "chill out" (water and rest station).
    You can access photos of this year's event by clicking this link: Field Day 2019
    60 parents volunteered and dressed the part- wearing funny costumes and silly hats. They were great sports to dress up for the kids! 
    Thank you to all the parents who donated batteries and bubbles. Thank you to the PTA for supplying ice bags and water bottles and helium tanks for our balloons. Thank you to all volunteers who ran the stations- we could not hold field day without you! 
    I've enjoyed working with your children this year!
    Enjoy the summer!!
    Ms. Florio