•  Dear Parents and Guardians,

         Below you will find a list of interactive read aloud books we have read in our classroom. Please ask your child to tell you about the book and our discussions. Through the interactive read aloud and discussions students have the opportunity to learn to think within the text, about the text and beyond the text.

         During this time we are getting to know and learn about authors, explore different genres, expand vocabulary, character traits, main idea, recognize themes, style and language. These skills are then transferred to their own reading and writing.

         If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


    Miss Nelson is Missing - Fiction

    Camping Spree with Me and McGee - Fiction

    Harry the Horseshoe Crab - Fiction

    Juice Box Bully - Character Strong

    Courage - Character Strong

    A Fine, Fine School - Fiction

    Library Mouse - Fiction

    Fireboat - Informational

    The Dot - Fiction

    Chrysanthemum - Fiction-Character Traits

    Those Darn Squirrels - Fiction-Setting

    More Than Anything - Character Traits

    Wednesday Surprise - Fiction - Character Traits

    My Mouth is a Volcano - Behavior

    Watermelon Seed - Writing 

    Roller Coaster - Fiction - Writing

    The Day The Crayons Came Home - Fiction

    Interrupting Chicken - Behavior

    Saturdays and Teacakes - Fiction -Character Traits

    Stellaluna - Changes in Characters

    Tornadoes - Author's Purpose

    Cinderalla - Fiction - High Point

    Creepy Carrots Fiction - High Point

    My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother - Theme

    The Most Magnificient Thing - Perseverance

    In November - Sensory Details

    Lighthouses - NF - Text Features

    Cactus Hotel - NF - Text Features

    Zebras - Nonfiction

    The Jelly donut Difference - Kindness