Hello Parents and Guardians:


    We have been hard at work preparing

    for our annual Kindergarten music show,


    Friendly Neighborhood HelpersWe would

    love it, if you would come and be our

    audience.  Parents, guardians,


    grandparents, and all other special people


    are invited!

     Performances are by class

    and are as follows:




    Show 1    

    Wednesday June  5   1:30   -2:15








    Show 2      

    Thursday  June 6  1:30  -2:15







    Show 3   

     Friday June 7  1:30   -2:15







    Show 4    

    Tuesday June 11    1:30-2:15






    Thank you and hope to see you there!

    Katie Iveson- Music Teacher - MECC

    Please feel free to email any questions to

    kiveson@middleboro.k12.ma.us  .  



    Neighborhood Helper Food Drive



    This year we will be adding a food drive

    to our Kindergarten performances. 

    Guests can bring canned good and non-perishable food items to school

    on the day of our performances.  Items can be deposited in the collection

    boxes outside the auditorium and main office.  Let's help our kids be real

    Neighborhood Heros by helping hungry families right here in Middleboro.

      All items will be donated to Sacred Heart Food Pantry. 






                                                                                                 Questions About our Show. Friendly Neighborhood Helpers


    Is every child in a performance?

    Yes, every child in Kindergarten performs in one performance.  Pre-K students are not in this show We have several casts of students to accomodate our 11 classes.  Your child will perform in one show, on only one day.


    Who can come to watch the show?

    Parents, Grandparents, younger siblings and other special people are invited to watch.  Seated is limited and first-come first-serve.





    Where do I go for the show?

    Guests should enter through the main entrance at the front of the MECC building.   Seating will begin in the auditorium at 1:00 P.M., on the second floor. There is an elevator available for use.  The balcony will also be open for seating, however no children under 18 are allowed in the balcony area, due to safety concerns.  the balcony can be accessed by a staircase near the windows in the auditorium.


    How long is the show?

    Shows begin promptly at 1:30 P.M.   The running time is approximately  25-30 minutes.


    Do I need a ticket?

    Performances are free of charge and no tickets are needed.  Seating is first-come/first-serve and the auditorium is usually full.  A donation of a can-good/ non-perishable food item would be greatly appreciated for our Neighborhood Helper Food Drive. You can deposit items in the boxes outside of the Auditorium.  Thank You. All items will go to Sacred Heart Food Pantry of Middleboro.


    Can I dismiss my child early after the show?

    Yes. Parents and guardians who wish to dismiss their child (children) following a performance, may do so, after the performance, at the child’s classroom.  Please remember to bring your ID and make sure that the person dismissing is listed on your child’s dismissal list. Also, please send only one adult to the room to dismiss your child.


    Does my child need a costume?

    No. The school will provide most costume pieces.  Please do not bring in any costumes unless you receive a personal request from your child’s teacher.  Students should simply wear their regular clothes and comfortable shoes (no flip flops please) on show day.


    Does my child have to practice music or lines at home?

    Most children do not have a speaking part or a solo. Students with solos or speaking parts will receive a copy of their lyrics to take home to practice. Thank you for helping them.


    Will there be any after-school practices?

    No. This is a school event and all practices and performances are during school hours.


    Can I take pictures?

    Absolutely!  Please take as many pictures as you would like.  Keep in mind that some families do not wish to have their son/daughter's photo on social media.  In posting pictures of your child please be aware of who else is in the picture/video.  It is best to post only pictures of your child.  If you dismiss your child early, you can return to the stage to take some pictures in front of the backdrop.


    Thank You. Please contact Katie Iveson  by email.  kiveson@middleboro.k12.ma.us, if you have additional questions or needs.  Thank you