• The Scientific Method



    Here in Kindergarten, we are naturally curious.

    We love to ask questions, make guesses, experiement and share our findings.

    We easily grasp the ideas of the scientific method.

    We are Scientists!!!!


    In September, we learn how to use our 5 senses to help us explore the world.

    We learn how to look at the world, close up and personal.

    We learn how to draw like a scientists.

    We observe and discuss the changes that constently occur in our world.

    One of our first experiements using the scientific method was to discover the best way to clean the pennies that we use in our Bucket filler bank, Humphrey.










  • Book and Web Site Resources



    Mad Margaret Experiements with the Scientific Method by Eric Braun and Robin Boyden
    What is the Scientific Method? Science book for Kids by Baby Professor