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    Builders Club is a BLAST!!!!!

    We have been exploring incorporating

    STEAM (science, technology,engineering, art and math)

    into our studies.

    We have been reading books and looking at video clips about structures.

    We have been working as teams to design and build

    using commercial  materials (blocks-large and small wooden, foam, shape, plastic, brio, legos etc)


    recycling materials. (popcycle sticks, paper, tubes, cups, pennies, clay, etc)

  • September


    This month we have read a variety of books that morphed into builders club activities. We read Pete the Cat's Rocking in my School shoes and built our new school and added out picture to it. We also read The Little engine that Could and constructed vehicles. Finally, we read Stand Tall, Molly Lou Mellon and came up with the idea to build structures using pennies. Fun times in Builders Club this month!

  • October


    In October, we really got into the building mode. We loved reading the book, A Secret Life of Squirrel. We proceeded to construct lots of different homes for animals. The book , The Big Pumpkin inspired us to make our own pumpkin patches complete with scarecrows and other added details. The Apple Farm book inspired lots of conversations about how one could move an apple (aside from in a truck), so...we worked in teams to design "apple moving devices". At the end of the month, we read Room on a Broom. We spent a great deal of time working with our witch and all her animals friends so that they would be balanced on her broom and NOT fall to the ground. This was an interesting study around the concept of placement vs balance !

  •  Houses


    Through the month, we have been look at the construction of the Pilgrim's log cabins and the Wampanoag Indian wetus.

    We even made our own models!

    We decided to research other style of home from around the world. Wow, there are alot of different kinds of houses!

    We decided for this weeks builder's club to design and create our own houses.

    We were terrific engineers!



    1 2



    1 4




  • December


    We read several wonderful, inspiring books this month. A Wish to be a Christmas Tree prompted us to build a tree out of cups. There was lots of discussions, arguemtns and outbursts of laughter as our team of builders constructed their trees. Pete the Cat Saves Christmas got us thinking of how Santa could safely get to the ground if his sled tipped in mid-air. After lots of idea sharing, we came up with a parachute. We had santa parachuting all over the room that afternoon! In our classroom, we had a Kindness Elf who encouraged us to be kind to others. We built him/her a special structure so he/she could watch over us. Finally, in honor of the Polar Express, we made bridges.




    Image result for build a snowman


    We are busy, busy builders during these cold winter months.


    bird mobils

    bird houses

    Martin L. King memorial with important vocabulary

  • secret-life-of-4-year-olds


    As the long, winter days continue,

    we found joy and creativity in our building endeavors!


    snowflake designs

    solar oven creations

    rainforest animals out of recycling materials

  • Our final months of builders club has been filled with fun and laughter, teamwork and a wonderful atmosphere of confidence in our ablities to take risks, learn and grow!