• Our Spring Science focus on several topics:

    the life cycle and habits of spring creatures,

    spring weather,

    plant life cycles


    a fun unit about force and motion!

    Our discoveries about this "push-pull" idea covered a variety of experiments.

    We used a recycle bucket to push and pull a load of books and each other up and down the ramp near the lunchroom.

    We used the game "mouse trap" to hypothisize if each step in the mouse's pathway deemed a push or pull type of action.

    We shot off blow rockets during our space days, we threw paper airplanes and mini parachutes.

    We drove toy cars down different textured ramps to see if their speed was effected.

    We concluded our learning with a lesson about Mr. and Mrs. Egg and the importance of wearing a seatbelt. Unfortunately, Mrs. Egg was not wearing hers and ended up a scrambled mess!


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