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    We learned soooo much about the rain forest.
    During our science Fridays, we pretended that we were raindrops and learned the rain cycle.
    We also did an experiment with erosion.
    We know that if the trees are cut down and plants are burned, there won't be any roots to hold the soil in place.
    When it rains, and it does twice a day, all the good soil will wash awasy, erode, and what will be left will be a desert!  
    Please help us save our rain forests!!!
  • Books and website resources

    Ethan the Raindrop by Sean Patrick Guidera

    The drop in my Drink: the story of water on our Planet by Meredith Hooper and Chris Coady

    Kids vs Rain: Where does rain come from by Peter Galante and Felipe Kolb

     Erosion: changing Earth’s surface by Robin Koontz and Matthew Harrad

    The Great Kapok Tree: a tale of the Amazon Rain Forest by Lynne Cherry



    Billy Blue Hair - What is the Water Cycle and Why Does it Rain?

    David Williams' Rainforest Song

    The Rain Forest Song by  P.J.Taylor

    What is Pollution & its Types and Prevention (EVS Lesson for Kids) makemeagenius

    Science Video for Kids: What is Light Energy? Turtlediary

    Sid the science kid: Experiment with light and shadows and the 5 senses silliergames


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    Rainforest creatures


    We have learned how to be expert researchers. We know how to search through Non-fiction books, videos and even fictional stories to learn facts about Rainforest animals.

    We took notes and then wrote them into sentences. We colored maps of the rainforests around the world and maps of the 4 layers of plants and trees in the jungle.

    We created detailed drawings of our animal and put together posters. Finally, we formed 3D models!

    We spent a great deal of time, sharing our learning with our peers.  At our Rainforest Revue show, we also taught our families all about rainforest creatures. We are Teachers!!!

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    Books and websites:

    Pebble Books (capstone press) Rainforest Animal series

    Steadwell Books Animals of the Rain Forest series

    Jungle: a Photiular book by Dan Kainer and Kathy Wollard 

    Life on Earth: Jungle: with 100 questions and 70 lift-flaps! by Heather Alexander and Andres Lorano

    Step into the Rainforest (TIME FOR KIDS® Nonfiction Readers)by Howard Rice