• The desert and the power of the sun
    We learned many things about the desert:
    We investigated lots of different kinds of animals
    and read about how they adapt of their environment
    We learned about the good, the bad and the ugliness of the sun.
    We designed and made solar ovens in hopes that we could harness the power of the sun to make solar crayons.
  • book and website resources

    The sun always shines: Desert Animals by Activibooks for kids

    Cactus hotel by Gerold McDermort  

     American's deserts, by Marianne D. Walker, 

    Coyote who will be the sun by Joanna Troughton,. 

    Coyote places the stars by  Harriet Peck Taylor



    magic school bus  All dried up

    A Day in the Desert: Saguaro Wilderness NPSWilderness

    Desert Animals for Children - Desert Animal Sounds for Kids to Learn - Kiddopedia