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    Thermometers and snow
    We experimented with real thermometers...moving them from hot to warm to cold water and watching the mercury move up and down.
    We experimented with which parts of the room were the warmest and which were cooler.
    We talked about how our bodies have a constant temperature and what it means when we "have a temperature."
    We learned about what temperatures occur during which season and what we should wear.
    We learned that rain freezes into snow flakes at 32 degrees. We looked at snowflakes up close!
  • Book and website resources

    Snow by P.D. Eastman


    Where does rain, sleet and snow come from by Baby Professor


    Super simple things to do with temperature: fun and easy science for kids by Kelly Doudna



    Where Do Snowflakes Come From? Scishow kids

    This Time Lapse Video of Snowflakes Being Formed is Absolutely Beautiful «TwistedSifter by freedawn home

    "The Snowflake Man" (a short film about Snowflake Bentley) Chuck Smith