January and February Newsletter
    Hi Everyone Happy New Year and welcome back to
    school!  The wind may be blowing and the snowflakes
    falling, but we are ready to brighten things up with some
    fun in the music room.
    Over the next two months we will be focusing on exploring
    the topics :Musical Instruments and Singing and Dancing
    Instruments of the Orchestra
    Each week we will explore a new instrument of the
    orchestra.  Students will look at pictures, and watch short
    video clips of  common musical instruments and answer the factual questions such as: 
    How does the instrument make sound?
    From what materials is it made?
    How big is the instrument?
    What is the instrument's name?
    Does it sound high or low?
    Then we will watch two or three short videos of a person
    playing the instrument.  Usually, I like to choose a mix of
    sound clips with popular music from video games, movies
      and cartoons, and traditional classical or jazz pieces.
    Following our viewing, students will form an opinion
    about the performances they watched answering:
    Which performance did you like the best?
    Would you like to play this instrument?
    So far, what's your favorite instrument you have seen?
    Students are learning to both identify common
     instruments and use critical thinking skills such as
    evaluating and analyzing music for rhythm, pitch, style
    volume, and expression. 

    Fun Instrument Activities for Home
    See if you can match the following instruments with your
    child ?
       trumpet     saxophone        flute     
     xylophone         violin   
    saxophone         trumpet flute xylophone clarinet violin

    Free  Instrument Composition APPS


    peg cat music     https://https://pbskids.org/peg/games/music-maker



       pegparade           https://pbskids.org/peg/games/pegs-parade


        daniel tigermusic https://pbskids.org/daniel/games/feel-the-music/




                         instruments                 Instruments of the Orchestra


    Singing and Movement Games
    Along with our study of instruments, we will be heating up
    the music room with plenty of fun dances and games.
      Don't be suprised if your child organizes a singing game
    at the next birthday party.  Going to Kentucky, Little Sally
    Walker, Dollar Dollar, Looby Loo, and the Hokey Pokey are just a few songs we will move to this winter.
    Little Sally Walker 
    Traditional American Singing Game
    Click below for a demo 
    ( We jazz it up a little more and put 3 kids in the middle.
    This video will give you the general  idea of the game)
    Little Sally Walker
    Sitting in a saucer
    Cryin' and a- Weepin'
    Over all she's done.
    Cry Sally, cry.
    Wipe the tear from your eye.
    Put your hand on your hip
    Let your backbone slip.
    Shake it to the east.
    Shake it to the west.
    Shake it to the very one
    That you love the best!
    Going to Kentucky
    Traditional American Singing Game
    Click the link below for a video demo
    arrow ggreen
    I was going to Kentucky
    Going to the fair
    I met a senorita
    With flowers in her hair
    Oh shake it, *shake it, shake it
    Shake it if you can.
    Shake it like a milkshake,
    *And drink it from a can
    *Oh 'round the doo-op,
    One, two
    'Round the doo-op,
    One, two
    Turn around and turn around
    Until you make a stop!
    * Some lyrics replace the second "shake it "with "baby" 
    * Can be replaced with "Do the best you can."
    *Can be replaced with " Rumble to the bottom and rumble to the top"
    Looby Loo
    Click link below for a demo of this game.
    red arrow
    Here we go looby loo
    Here we go looby lye
    Here we go looby loo
    All on a Saturday night
    You put your *right hand in
    You take your right hand out
    You give your hand a shake, shake, shake
    And turn yourself about.
    * left hand, right foot, left foot, head, and so on