• Homework:

    Homework Homework will be a regular part of our routine. Students are expected to complete and turn in their homework on time. You can help, as parents, by providing a calm, quiet atmosphere for your child. Know your child... Some students do best breaking their homework into manageable parts. Some are better off to get it all done at once. Some work best right after school,  after dinner, or, even, early in the morning. You might like to experiment a bit to find what fits best for your child. Once you are aware of the best time and place for your child, a routine will probably help tremendously. 
    Here is what you can expect a typical week to look like: 
      • READING: Read for 15-20 minutes 5 days per week. Record  reading on the reading log. The log is due on Mondays. Your child can choose to do some of his or her reading on the weekend, as well as during the week. Also, students should read any books from school twice then choose "just right" books for the rest of their reading time. The home reading bag, book(s), and  log get turned in on Monday.

    • MATH: About 3-4 nights per week, there will be math homework. Students are asked to complete that and bring it back the next day. These 
      should be fairly easy practice of something we’ve worked on in class. Students are also asked to practice their facts three times per week. Second graders need to know addition and subtraction facts within 20.