• Music Class Behavior Expectations

    I expect that each student...

    1.   Participates in all activities to the best of his or her ability

    2.   Keeps hands and feet to himself/or herself at all times

    3.   Sits up on the rug or appropriately in chairs

    4.   Shares instruments and passes instruments without argument or delay

    5.   Moves and dances safely

    6.   Talks to students and the teacher with kind, respectful words

    7.   Raises hand and doesn’t shout out or have unnecessary conversations

    8.   Waits for turns patiently.

    9.   Sings with his or her best voice

    10. Follows teacher directions with few reminders.

    Possible Consequences for Unexpected Behavior
    Behavior grade decreased
    Asked to sit out of the group and take a break
    Miss a turn
    Conference with classroom teacher and music teacher 
    Call or note home
    Visit to office with principal ( Removed from class)