• Grade 3

    Many of our third grade classes used technology to conduct research to learn about the American Revolution, as well as learned how to use PowerPoint. We modernized the traditional alphabet book project by having students create a PowerPoint slide in place of paper version. Students were assigned a particular letter, conducted research using varied media resources to learn about the American Revolution. Working independently and together, students selected and defined a key vocabulary word as it relates to their assigned letter and to the American Revolution. Students did a fantastic job on this project and their efforts were a successful contribution to their class' presentation of the American Revolution ABC Vocabulary Book. 

    View and listen to the class presentations:  

    Mrs. Darcy's 3rd Grade Class 

    Grade 1

    Most all of Grade 1 classes in Henry B. Burkland and Mary K. Goode School particiapted in a live safari. Throughout the safari drive, in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, a variety of animals could be seen roaming about in their natural environment. It is quite exciting for students to see!, Mrs. Bertelli was in communication with the expert guides throughout the drive, allowing the students an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by the safari guides in real time. Following the safai, students wrote about what they learned. Teachers were provided with a link to a recording of their class' safari session.  

     Mrs. Bertelli with Mrs. Lemieux's 1st grade class on a live safari in South Africa    Mrs. Whynock's 1st grade class photo on live safari session

    Live Safari Recordings of Classroom Sessions:

    Mrs. Lemieux Session - May 17, 2017



    Grade 2 - Global Connections 

    Breaking down the classroom walls for learning, Mrs. Bertelli arranged connections with classrooms in Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and Canada. Students in those classrooms were learning to speak English. Our students participated in a pre-lesson to review their knowledge of continents and countries. They developed questions they would ask to learn about the culture and customs of that country.

    In the connection with the classroom in Brazil, Mr. Cardoza was able to join them. A couple of students from Mrs. Hilton’s class and Mrs. Sorrento’s class were from Brazil, they were excited connect with a classroom from their country. Students in Brazil were excited because Mr. Cardoza spoke to them in their native language.


     Mrs Beaudoin's class communicating with a classroom in Spain    Student in Mrs. Hilton's class attempts to locate the country on Google Maps     


    Grade 4 - Mystery States

    Mrs. Bertelli made connections with classrooms in different states across the USA. All fourth grade classes participated in this fun learning activity, some classes participated in as many as 4 different state connections. Classroom teachers and students loved it! A prep lesson is done with each class to discuss how the connection will happen. Student knowledge of USA landforms, waterways, and various vocabulary terms (i.e. landlocked) were reviewed. Following the review, students drafted two questions they would like to ask. Through questioning, students are able to learn about and locate each other’s state. Throughout the connection our students take notes, and following the connection, they do research on that state to learn more about it.

    Students in Mrs. Martin's class ask a question

    Mrs Reardon's student asking a question

    Mr. Messier's student asks the defining question to determine the location of the other classroom