Study Jams - A fantastic site with over 200 science topics: Scientific Inquiry, States of Matter (i.e. Periodic Table), Force & Motion, etc.  
    Enjoy learning as you watch the "Study Jams", short videos, step-by-step slide shows with key vocabulary and take the online student quizzes to check your content knowledge of what you've learned. 
    Learn about Plant & Animal Cells, click the links below:
    Biology, Plant & Animal Cells - SoftSchools website provides information about plant and animal cells.
    Cells' Alive! -  Learn more about plant and animal cells in a fun and interactive way.
    Biology: Cells, Microbes and the Immune System
    Visit Cells Alive website to explore, study and play using the interactive tools, games and models on the Cells' Alive website. A fun way to learn!