• This year we will be engaging in 5 Units of Study. All time frames are estimates.
    1. The Launch Unit: This unit will start us off on the right foot.  You will learn strategies and skills that will be used throughout the year.  Because you are my customer, so to speak, it is important that I get to know you.  So, we will be taking a variety of informal reading and writing assessments to help me be the best teacher for YOU, as well as, goal setting and understanding yourself as a reader and writer and as a 21st century learner.  This unit will last about 3 weeks.
    2. The Narrative Unit: This unit will involve a book study. You will choose your own fictional book to read; one that is both interesting to you and one that you can read independently. In this unit we will study the elements of fiction. Those include characterization, setting, plot, and theme.  You will also write your first major essay, the Personal Narrative--a story about you. This unit will last about 6 weeks.
    3. A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park: For this unit we will all read the same book.  This is a unique hybrid of book as it is both fictional and informational, and it is very relevant to our lives today.  Again, you will be engaged in reading and writing. This unit will last about 6 weeks.
    4. The Informational Unit: Again you get to choose your own informational book; one that is interesting to you and one that you can read independently.  We will continue to use our strategies and build upon our skills to learn from our reading. You will also write and informational essay. This unit will last about 6 weeks.
    5. Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen: This is how we will end our year.  This is an exciting book about forgiveness and trust.  You will be engaged in a variety of literacy activities and participate in Spirit Bear Olympics!! This unit will last about 6 weeks.