• Standards Based Grading

                  Standards Based Grading

     This year in ELA, your progress will be measure against the standards and how well you demonstrate skills at grade level expectations--no letters, no percentages.  Using SBG means that you and your parents will have detailed information about your current performance, both your strengths and weaknesses. With that information, WE will work to improve your current performance in ELA. 
    Why Standards Based Grading? It is OUR job to address your weaknesses, and build upon your strengths. We all have strengths and weaknesses. I say it OUR job because alone, we can't do much, but together, we can make you a more competent and confident reader and writer. I am committed to you. The question is: Are you committed to your own growth and learning?
    Here are the indicators that we will use this year on assignments and report cards:
    Exceeding:  This means that your work  is above grade level expectations. It will be labeled as a 4. You are not off the hook. I will continue to challenge you! We always move forward.
    Proficient: This means that your work meets the grade level expectations. All students should work toward proficiency in all of the ELA standards. It will be labeled as a 3.
    Working towards the Standard: This means that we have a bit of work to do. Your work does not demonstrate proficiency at his time in a particular standard(s), but the expectation is there.  There was a bump in the road and we  need to work to get you over the bump.  You may need more time, practice, and/or instruction.   It will be labeled as a 2.
    Minimal Understanding of the Standard:  At this time, your work does not meet grade level expectation.  You will need to stay after school to get extra help.  This is considered failing. It will be labeled as a 1.
    No Evidence of Standard: This means that your work is missing or incomplete at this time. Get your work done! This will be labeled as a 0.