• State-mandated requirements:
    Health information:
    What to bring to Kindergarten screening for the nurse:
    State mandated documents needed for entrance to kindergarten are:
    - 5 year physical exam. If your child is not due for their 5 year physical until after he/she starts kindergarten, then the last physical must be submitted. When they go for their 5 year physical, that must be submitted. It must be within the year of starting kindergarten or 30 days after. 
    - Up-to-date Immunizations
    - Lead level done at any time in their life.
    - 5 year vision acuity and stereopsis exam. Done at MD or specialist. The nurse must receive documentation of the vision exam done       within the year of starting kindergarten. 
    Please make sure all these items are included on the physical and that it is the actual physical. I CAN NOT accept a "visit summary" or a "health summary" or a "progress note". It must be dated and signed by the Primary Care Provider and include all of the above. Usually 1-3 pages in length. 
    The physical can be submitted to the Registrar, Katie Goodine, upon registration.
    It can be scanned as a PDF and emailed to the nurse at lori_johnson@middleboro.k12.ma.us
    It can be faxed to 508-946-8862
    It can be mailed to 219 North Main Street Middleboro MA 02346 
    I CAN NOT accept a screenshot from the portal or a picture. 
    Any child that will need prescription medication or over-the counter medication at school will need to have a doctor's order (dated after June 30th of that school year) and the parent/guardian must fill out the authorization for medication administration form. This form is found under care plans and health forms. 
    Reminder: Any medication, prescription or over the counter, can NOT be sent in with your child! It MUST be brought in by an adult!