• Team Lunch: Because you all have demonstrated TIGER behavior in September, we will have a team lunch. Bring a towel or sheet to sit on in case we sit in the field. You can bring a lunch from home or buy lunch as usual. The big event is Wednesday, Oct. 7 at our normal lunch time.
    Second Assessment: This will be given this week, Friday for all classes. You may use your books and your notes.  It will be assessing plot (character and conflict), and writing--organization. 
    Thursday, 10/1 is a half day


                                                                                                    Drawstring Bags

                                                                                                         drawstring bag

    Do you have a drawstring bag? Here is the best way to use it to help you stay organized. You want to put light objects in it, like your agenda book, writing utensils, folders, and your reading book (as long as your reading book is not to heavy). Do not put your heavy text books in the drawstring bag, it will rip eventually. 
    Locker Schedule
    Reminder, you cannot go to your locker after every class. It takes up too much time.  Please adhere to the locker schedule that is posted in all of our classrooms. If you need to go to your locker when it is not a scheduled break, you must ask a teacher.