• Mission

    The mission of the Middleborough Public Schools is to foster a culture of excellence within every student, in every classroom, every day.


    Middleborough Public Schools students, with the support of a dedicated community, will think critically, appreciate diversity, demonstrate innovation, value reflection, and develop a growth mindset as an active member of our local and global community to learn, grow, and finish strong.


    Goals of the Pupil Personnel Services Department:
    The fundamental goals of this Pupil Personnel Services Department are to provide the supports and services necessary for all students to appropriately access general curriculum as well as extra-curricular activities in order to become:

    * Confident and assertive communicators;
    * Effective self advocates who are knowledgeable of their individual strengths and weaknesses;
    * Independent decision makers;
    * Independent lifelong learners;
    * Critical thinkers who manage life situations and solve problems;
    * Effective contributors in the home, workplace, and community.