• Timester 1 
    Unit 1 - "The Beauty of Seasons" 
          *  Understanding Characters and Story structure in Literature
          *  Understanding and writing a Personal Narrative
    Unit 2 - "Animals and Their Changing Habitat:  Understanding and Writing Informational Texts"
          *  Determimining Importance in Informational Text Using Evidence and Text Features
          *  Understanding and Writing Informational Pieces
    Topics 1, 3 and 4:     
          *  Addition and subtraction within 20
          *  Basic facts, strategies, and story problems
          *  Foundations of place value of two-digit numbers
          *  Add/subtract ten to a given number
          *  Addition of 2-digit numbers
          *  Addition of four 2-digit numbers
    Trimester 2


    Unit 3- “Hand Me Down Tales from Around the World”-

    • Understanding elements, structure, and the purpose for reading folktales
    • Learning the lesson or central message that is taught to the reader
    • Understanding dialogue in literary text
    • Learning how writers respond to literature



    • Topics 8 and 14: Time, Money and Graphing



    • Changes in Earth's Systems


    Social Studies:

    • Geography