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    Why Read Aloud 

    Children who are read to, become better readers. When you read aloud to your Kindergartner, you help him or her develop the skills necessary to become a successful reader. The more often you read, the better prepared your child is to learn to read. Reading aloud will help your kindergartner:

    •  Learn letter names and sounds and understand that words are made up of different sounds
    • Understand that printed words have meaning
    • Learn new and less common words not typically used in everyday conversation
    • Become familiar with new concepts and ideas, which increases background knowledge and leads to greater reading comprehension
    • Learn about the printed page and that we read from left to right and top to bottom.
    • Practice oral language skills as you talk about the books you read.
    • Develop comprehension skills
    • Discover the pleasure of reading and develop into a life-long reader and learner.

     Tips on Reading Aloud

    •  Choose a quiet place and have your child sit on your lap or beside you.
    • Before you begin reading a book, say the title of the book and the name of the author. Look at the cover illustration and ask your child what he/she thinks the story is about.
    • Make reading interactive. As you read, ask what your child thinks is going to happen next; relate your child’s experience to action in the book; have your child turn the pages of the book.
    • After you’ve read a book, engage your Kindergartner in a conversation about the story. Talking about the story helps develop comprehension skills and important thinking skills.
    • Ask your child to retell the story or encourage your child to share mental images related to the story. For example, “How do you imagine it would feel to fly through the forest when it’s dark and you can’t see?” (after reading Stellaluna by Janell Cannon)