•  2017-2018 Schedules

    Our class will have lunch daily 10:45-11:15.
    Our recess will follow from 11:15-11:35.
    Specialists will be from 12:40-1:25.
    We will be on a 6 day rotating schedule. If we miss a day of school, we just go on to the next day (no making up missed specials). It will be especially important for students to remember to dress in PE appropriate clothing on days 3 and 6. Thanks for your help with this!
    You can find a copy of the calendar for the year on the main MKG page. 
    Our specialist schedule is as follows:
    DAY 1 - Music with Ms. Fantasia
    DAY 2 - Computer Lab with Mr. Steinberg
    DAY 3 - Physical Education with Mrs. Young
    Day 4 -  Music with Ms. Fantasia
    DAY 5 - Art with Mrs. Newall
    DAY 6 - Physical Education with Mrs. Young
    Library  - Every other Day 2