• Supply List


    1 red one subject notebook

    1 yellow one subject notebook

    1 blue one subject notebook

    1 green one subject notebook

    1 package 3x5 index card (ruled)
    1 package small post it notes (the tiny ones)
    1 black and white composition book


    To share with the whole class this year:

    24 pencils

    1 package 3 hole punched filler paper (any size rule is fine)

    1 big box of tissues for classroom

    Optional: small pencil sharpener to keep in desk

    (Please don’t buy pencil boxes, or extras like binders because we don’t have much space in our desks)

    On-Going Wish List

    We could also use: additional classroom tissues, Clorox-type wipes for cleaning desks, hand sanitizer

    Thanks so much!

    Mrs. Lombardi