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    There are many wonderful concepts that

    Kindergartners can learn while exploring the Rainforest.

    We explored the Rainforest in many ways:

    Reading fiction/non-fiction books

    Examining real/and kinda real rainforest creatures

    Watching science movies and clips

    Experimenting with water/temperature and erosion

    Listening to natural sounds from the region

    Many, many hands on projects and experiences!

    Some of the things that we learned were:

    Rainforests have 4 levels.

    It rains twice a day and that rain affects the weather all over the world!

    There are tons of animals there, many we haven’t discovered yet.

    Animals protect themselves in many ways: camouflage, skin covering, etc.

    We use many products from the rainforest: food, medicine, wood, etc.

    The rainforests are important and must be protected!