The children have homework from our EnVision's mathematic's program Monday-Thursday. (except on days when the end of the unit test is given)
    The homework is leveled (teacher will mark which page to complete) but children are always welcome to do both sides.
    The homework is set up to give students extra practice in the concepts taught daily.
    All children are expected to do their homework!
    Children will be bring home book bags with 2-4 emergent readers.
    The bags go home on Friday and are to be returned on Monday. 
    The children have read these books in class during reading groups or during independent reading time. They are Sooo excited to share their reading abilities with you and the family! 
    Included in the bag are:  
    parent signature page where you can record that your child read his/her books to you (1 signature per books is fine), a book mark with reading strategies on it that we have worked on in class.
    The key to success is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!